Tokyo and Kyoto

Took a trip to Japan in September 2016 with my parents, sisters, bro-in-law, nephew after our visit to Malaysia. It’s not often I get to travel abroad with my entire family and I had such a blast with them.

I don’t think Japan is a stranger to anyone. We all know visitors go there for the food, culture, history, and to see “weird” stuff. No, I did not see any panty vending machines but I saw more drink vending machines on a single street in Shinjuku than I did my entire year in USA. I loved Japan and would like to go back another day for a more in-depth look at other parts of it.

Several highlights of my trip:

Cramming into a tiny sushi restaurant in Tsukiji and enjoying fresh sushi
Eating “tsukemen” (dipping ramen) on “ramen street”
Seeing many ppl on the streets all done up and wearing kimonos
Walking around on the “food floors” of malls
Seeing a Maricar procession at night
Eating “unadon“
Walking the streets of Tokyo

Tsukemen (“dipping ramen”).
Unadon (“eel on rice”).

Click here for more pics of Japan.

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