Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan

September 11th – September 18th 2016

Took a trip to Japan with my parents, sisters, bro-in-law, nephew after our visit to Malaysia. It’s not often I get to travel abroad with my entire family and I had such a blast with them.

I don’t think Japan is a stranger to anyone. We all know visitors go there for the food, culture, history, and to see “weird” stuff. No, I did not see any panty vending machines but I saw more drink vending machines on a single street in Shinjuku than I did my entire year in USA. I loved Japan and would like to go back another day.

Several highlights of my trip:

  • Cramming into a tiny sushi restaurant in Tsukiji and enjoying fresh sushi
  • Eating “tsukemen” (dipping ramen) on “ramen street”
  • Seeing many ppl on the streets all done up and wearing kimonos
  • Walking around on the “food floors” of malls
  • Seeing a Maricar procession at night
  • Eating “unadon
  • Walking the streets of Tokyo
Tsukemen (dipping ramen)
Tsukemen (dipping ramen)

Click here for more pics of Tokyo and Kyoto

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