Seville, Spain

Seville, Spain
September 16th 2010

Arrived in Seville around 5 am after taking the 8-hour overnight bus from Lisbon. Public transportation isn’t awake then so after waiting for 30 minutes for a bus that would never come until much later, I got a girl at the bus stop to split a taxi with me, as we were heading in the same direction. The part I feel guilty about was that I had told her that the bus station she wanted to get to was toward the east. Upon consulting my map in my guidebook later in the day, I saw that the bus station she needed was in the west. Ooops, hope she had more sense than to listen to me.

Spent the morning exploring a couple of tourist destinations; the Cathedral, self-explanatory, and Alcanzar, a former residence of the royalty of Spain. The Cathedral was like most other old churches around Europe although much bigger and more lavish. No wonder we had to pay an expensive entry fee, I’m sure all the tourists were paying off the debt for all that glitter inside. Alcanzar was downright cool. It was so massive with so much Moorish influence in the designs, well worth whatever money I paid to get in.

The buildings in Seville were really cool-looking as they were colorful and had a very Spanish feel to it. Before I ever set foot in Spain, this was how I imagined Spain looked like.

Walked along one of the main drags in the touristy area and found the main post office. Went in to find out how much it would cost to ship my LP Europe guidebook back to the USA. It costs €33! The book cost €20 and has so much wear on it that it was probably only worth €5. I figured I’d just give it away to one of my hostel-mates.

Not much else to say about Seville. Did not go see any flamenco performances or bull-fights.

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