Montreal et Quebec City

May 23 – May 29, 2015

Me: “Bonjour”

Them: “Yes, can I help you?”

Me: “Uh yes…can I get combo #1 please… Merci.”

I wanted to impress the locals with my rudimentary command of French but in the end, nobody had time to entertain a tourist. They just want to do their jobs and get on with life. Fair enough.

Unless I was planning on going out of the city, I don’t think knowing French is really needed. The Québécois are still Canadian and they need to know how to converse with their fellow Canadians from non-Quebec regions.

What’s there to do in Montreal and Quebec City (QC)? Walk around. Take the subways. Ride a bike everywhere. Eat.

I kid you not. This is the beach in Montreal.
I’ve never seen trees grown this way.
Go to Schwartz’s Deli for smoked meat sandwiches. It’s a Montreal institution.
Beaver tails. Invented in Ottawa but popularized here in Montreal.
La Banquise for the best poutine (according to locals) in Montreal.

I didn’t take many pics of Montreal itself. A subway looks like a subway. A row of shops looks like a row of shops. Nothing truly stood out as different. I’m not saying it wasn’t a great city; it had a great vibe and its own identity which leaned more toward young and hip. It’s worth a visit and in another life, I could even find myself living there.

Quebec City was a short 2.5 hour drive from Montreal and worth a night’s stay. More than that and it could feel long. Much of the interesting sights are concentrated in one tiny area in QC, the tourist district which includes everything below.

TIP: I would absolutely recommend that a visitor make reservations at ‘Restaurant Aux Anciens Canadiens‘ for lunch and asking for the ‘table d’hote‘, which is the set lunch menu, to get a good feel of Quebecois cuisine, such as the meat pie below. You can see a screenshot of the restaurant’s menu HERE.

Also, according to locals, for the best poutine in QC, visit ‘Chez Ashton’, which is a fast food chain. Order the poutine only.

Fairmont Le Château Frontenac in QC. Massive.
Boardwalk in QC.
Asian tourists eat this shit up.
Tourtiere Du Lac Saint Jean. Pie with all kinds of game meats. Popular in QC.