Nice, France + Monaco

Nice, France
September 2nd, 3rd, 4th 2010

Didn’t really explore Nice very much. Walked along the main street a lot to get to/from the beach. I said a while back I preferred sandy beaches. After seeing what real pebble beaches look like, I changed my mind. I think the one in Split was a one-off because it was small and wasn’t laid out the way the beaches in Nice were. They are both great in their own way. Pebble beaches are a lot easier to clean up from. Sand doesn’t get into every nook and crevice of your shoes/clothing/bag.

Did spend part of my last day visiting Monte-Carlo in Monaco, a 20-minute train ride away. Visited the Old Town there (a small area filled with a few tourist attractions, tourist shops, and also Prince’s residence, where at 12 pm, a crowd of tourists got to see the changing of the guard, who have some snazzy sharp uniforms). Went to check out Monte-Carlo Casino and on the way, saw a bunch of Ferrarris and Lamborghinis drive past me on the road. Found them all parked in front of MCC, where all the tourists got to take a closer look and photograph themselves standing next to them. It made me think of what it was like to be so utterly filthy rich. Also saw a few Bentleys and a Rolls Royce parked in the area. I checked out the menu at a cafe next door to the casino; a bowl of soup costs €15, sandwiches cost €20+. Insane and good thing I wasn’t dying of starvation.

I ate Chinese food almost every meal at this point-and-pick fast-food Chinese joint down the road from my hostel. I would pair a dish and a bowl of white rice or noodles. The food was surprisingly good, decently priced but more importantly, it brought a little familiarity and comfort to my travels. I can’t begin to tell you how comforting and delicious a bowl of white rice tasted.

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