Liverpool and Manchester, England

Liverpool (June 30th 2010) & Manchester (July 1st 2010)

Rivals on the football (uh, I mean soccer) field. Pretty much right next to each other. Not much to see at either (ok, not entirely true). One night spent at each city to get a gist of it (and to make a pilgrimage to the holy site of Old Trafford).

I only went to Liverpool “just cuz”. It was right next to Manchester, I might as well see what Scouser life is like. It was rushed experience. I arrived at the Lime Street station, found my way to the hostel, left it to check out Albert Dock (where a couple of free museums were located along the beautiful port). Although I’ve said that I am sick of museums, I wanted to check out the Maritime Museum as I enjoy reading about warfare, in this case, naval warfare. It also had history on the Lufhansa, Titanic, and Empress of Ireland disasters, all of which were interesting to me as well.

Manchester is my Mecca. Sitting in the players dressing room, walking out the tunnel to the evergreen pitch, sitting in the stands and in the home team seats which I’ve seen countless times on TV…fantastic. We were restricted from walking onto the pitch though. I could only imagine what it was like to watch a match there. One day…I’ll make the pilgrimage back with my dad.

Later that evening, I had dinner with a friend I met in Salzburg who studies in Manchester. We ate at a place called Tai Wu, which was supposed to be one of the better Cantonese restaurants in Manchester.

Not much to say about my short stays at either place. I will be heading off to the former capital of England, York, early tomorrow morning.

Liverpool Pics

Manchester Pics