Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy

August 31st, September 1st 2010

Who pays €10 just to check out a naked guy? Me.

Ok, not just any naked guy, the naked guy in Florence, the statue of David. The Florentine authorities really know how to maximize tourist revenue. Just put a world-famous piece of art in one of the lousiest art galleries in Florence, and everyone will pay an exhorbitant entry fee just to see it. The statue was a lot bigger than I expected and was very, very impressive. How did they even move it around without cracking it? Is marble really that solid? And all this was carved from a single block of marble. By the way, every picture out there of David is a front shot, and although photography is banned, I managed to sneak an ass-shot of David so check it out, David from the behind. Please, no gay jokes. It’s art.

I was also, sadly but proudly, the first in line to the Uffizi Gallery, one of Florence’s most famous art gallery, which included works such as The Birth of Venus and my favorite, Michaelangelo’s Tondo Doni (the color, especially the baby pink, was absolutely creamy, exquisite and vibrant). The Uffizi usually has long lines (we’re taking about 2 hours if you arrive around 11 am). I got there around 7:45 am, it opens at 8:15. I was originally #4 to arrive but because I sat on the doorsteps to read while waiting for it to open, everyone thought I was #1 and formed a queue behind me (the 3 girls in front of me submissively did the same). My competitive nature kicked in and I felt proud that I was managed to steal #1. What a nerd lol. I blame it on the Malaysian school system.

I ate some great food in Florence. One of my favorites was freshly-made oven baked pizza. Nothing but good dough, good cheese, tomato sauce, and olive oil. I also had some pasta (again, eat pasta while in Italy, it’s Italy! And I’m Dr Pasta, I have to study the art of pasta). If only I was a wine-man, I’d be sampling all kinds. After all, I am in the Tuscan region. But all I know of wine, sadly, is there is red, white, and pink. I will be hoping to learn more about wines and cheeses through my life, I hope. Who knows, I may become a wine-snob, like Miles from Sideways. If you have not seen that movie, watch it. ‘I WILL NOT DRINK ANY FUCKING MERLOT!’

I spent part of my last day visiting Pisa, only an hour’s train ride from Florence. The Leaning Tower was smaller than I had thought it would be but also a lot wider. Ate some delicious ‘Yogurt with strawberries and honey’ gelato, which was like having a party in my mouth. I’m a huge chocolate fanatic when it comes to gelato but that takes the cake.

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