Dublin, Ireland

Dublin is a lot colder than I thought it would be. It was cloudy and in the 60’s when I got here. After I landed and got my bag, the first challenge was getting to my hostel without getting ripped off (aka taxis). I managed to find out the bus that would take me to the area my hostel would be.

The street signs in Dublin are terrible. They are located on buildings on the corners of streets and sometimes it’s not even obvious. I was semi-lost for a while but with the help of a few locals, I found my way to the hostel.

I am bunking with 5 other ppl, who coincidentally are Americans too. 4 of them are college students who are backpacking some major cities in Europe. The other was an aerospace engineer who looked a lot like a surfer/stoner guy. He’s from Utah and was travelling Scotland, England, Ireland for a few weeks.

Sometimes I stood in one spot and just observed ppl. Many who walked past me were conversing in foreign European languages. I couldn’t tell what was what but I could tell Dublin had many immigrants who were here trying to make a living, much like immigrants in America. I even managed to run into a few Malaysian students on the tram. They were conversing in Bahasa Malaysia and I recognized it, struck up a conversation with them. Business students at Dublin College. Friendly Malay fellas.

I’m hoping to cover the other half of Dublin tomorrow. Then make my way to the countryside or Belfast, not sure which yet. I’ve heard many great things about the beautiful countryside here. The plane flight as we entered the country showed this as well, it was a spectacular view.

Pictures from Day 1 are here: