Casablanca, Morocco

Casablanca/Rabat, Morocco
September 22nd, 23rd, 24th 2010

I once watched the movie ‘Casablanca’ and still recall a shot from the movie, a picture of a river beside an old looking town. I did not see that in Casablanca. It’s all modern now.

My days were spent getting lost once in the medina alleyways (and not returning again), finding a good fresh-fried begne joint, sitting in the park during the late evenings to people watch, walking to find the Hassan II mosque (it was a long walk! Didn’t help that I went in the wrong direction for a while), taking the 1-hour train to Rabat and finding a great couscous joint there. Not much to see sights-wise in Casablanca and Rabat, just passing time until my flight to Cape Town.

I wrote this entry real short because at this moment, I still haven’t posted any of my other Morocco entries and they all have better stories than this.

Go on…you know you want to see food pics!

Casa-Rabat Pics