End of the road for now.

I landed in LA on 14th of April and got back to Austin TX on the 19th after spending a few days in LA and San Francisco.

I remember walking outside Dublin International Airport and thinking, “How the hell do I get to my hostel?” At that moment, Dublin felt like the largest place in the world.

Some people may ask what have I learned or if I found what I was looking for. I can’t summarize 11 months (475200 minutes!) into a single minute (you know how people switch off after the first minute). You would have to pour through all my entries to read about my thoughts. Yes, I went out to learn about other countries and cultures and yes, maybe a smidge of soul searching, as cliché as that sounds. But those weren’t the main reasons that sent me off for 11 months. I went out to flood myself with new experiences. This trip was at the top of my bucket list and I did it and I’m happy about that. I still have many places I’d like to go so I’ll definitely be doing more traveling down the road but probably nothing as extensive.

Anyway, it’s been a fun ride. I want to thank everyone for following me. I am going to post some videos on this blog in the next few weeks. Pictures are one thing but I thought I’d throw in a few sounds from my trip.

edit : No videos because Timewarner upload speeds are atrocious. Maybe one day…

14 thoughts on “End of the road for now.

  1. kk

    glad youre home ^________________^

  2. Vivien

    Gonna miss reading this blog.

  3. Andy Mesa

    It was a pleasure following along. It made me feel like I was right there with you.

    I’ve been to Austin a couple times, including just last October while you were still on the road. I’ll surely be back, and I definitely want to meet up and exchange stories.

    Hopefully you’ll do a run down of your favorite experiences and what you picked up and ditched along the way.

    • KK

      If you’re ever in Austin, let me know, we’ll meet up.


  4. jonathan

    i bet you smell like the world

  5. Lesley

    Glad to have you home!!..here’s to more traveling in the future! *CHeers*

  6. Peter Ng

    well done!

  7. Bob

    Welcome back young man, Austin has missed you and glad you’ve made it back safe and sound.

    You have now done and experience what some people will never get to do. Travel around the world and see the sites, hear the sounds and sense the smells of what is outside the US. You’ve now something that no one can never take away, and this will be one of your best accomplishment. Congratz and my hat off to you for doing what I thought would have been a short summer European trip turning into an 11 month travel around the world blog.

    Now that you have experience what the rest of the world (or most of it at least) looks like and behaves, you can use it to your advantage for your next endeavor, whatever it will be. You’ve manage to survive on penny’s a day, not afraid to make choices of when and where to go. You have confidence in making smart decisions on the whim. You have seen and lived with other cultures that are different then your own.

    I’m glad that you had the chance to scratch this achievement off the top of your bucket list but there is still large parts of the world that you’ve yet to see, South and Central America, skip over Mexico for now until the drug wars subsides, Australia, ya mate!, parts of the US and Canada, eh! The World needs to be explored, cultures need to be written about. Maybe this might be your calling, traveling around the world and writing about it, but do get someone else to pay for it.

    Cheers and wb, if you need anything give me tell.

  8. KK

    Thanks all. I already miss it.

  9. Mari

    HI Ken!
    I am loving your blog!! I have known about your trip from the moment you left. Your father is my patient at the dental office and I saw your sister today too-she gave me the addy to check it out! I have a list of places to visit someday, but your entries and pictures make me feel like i was right there with you on your fabulous trip. Someday I will go on a great trip and maybe blog about it! Your pictures are amazing and the blog entries are descriptive and wonderful to read. I have been reading for a couple of hours, but I will need to read a little every day to fully appreciate it!! I can’t wait until tomorrow to keep reading and looking at more of your pictures!! Glad you made it back home-what a wonderful and memorable experience!!

    • KK

      I’ m glad you enjoy reading my blog Mari. Thanks.

  10. Eugene

    Cuz, wow! 11 months! Wasn’t that long ago when we were having durian in SS2. Excellent blog and i still think you should seriously consider writing…

    Take care.

  11. Eugene

    i meant freelance as a start…

  12. Hi Ken,

    Nice blog! Your amazing trip had inspired me to see the world! Would love to quit my job and roam around like what you did but don’t think my wife will agree to that idea..lol

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