Cleaning up after getting home

I have a ritual which I enjoy doing every few months; go through all my things and downsize. This is part of my ongoing efforts to be a minimalist; buy what I need and fight temptation as much as I can for things I want.

I’ve already downsized a few times and I’m at a point where I just can’t get rid of anymore unnecessary things I’ve accumulated over the years. But I did finally throw away my shoes from my first RTW trip. They had holes in them and keeping them for sentimental reasons just meant that space will be taken up. I have to learn not to be too attached to a material good.

But my REI 55L backpack and NF Borealis backpack are still with me, dirty but perfectly functional.

5 thoughts on “Cleaning up after getting home

  1. Vivien

    Must feel good to be home for the 4th. Going to miss the stories. When is your next trip and where to this time? You haven’t done China/ Russia/ Tibet right?

  2. Vivien

    Just did a search and found out that you’ve already done Tibet. Australia and NZ would be nice too

    • KK

      I haven’t been to Tibet. Maybe you’re thinking of Nepal? But I will take small trips to visit friends in Australia and NZ next time.

      Thanks for keeping up with the blog.

  3. I have TONS of stuff accumulated from my travels that I also need to get rid of. Train tickets from Germany for example, as well as bus tickets from Italy, are still lying around in my house. Plus a lot of bigger stuff. Someday, I’ll get rid of everything!

    • KK

      It’s cathartic!

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