I was once at Victoria Falls in Zambia and was disappointed, as I had went during the dry season and wasn’t able to see the fall in all its potential majesty.

Iguazu Falls was a very different matter.

I had arrived at the entrance to the trail for the falls and after a 5 minute walk, saw what I thought was the main falls. The water was powerful. It was pretty but I thought “That’s it?” Fortunately, an employee there told me that this was “the small one” and “the big one” was located another 20 minutes walk away. My excitement started growing.

The first “small” waterfall.
The second “small” waterfall.
The main waterfall.
Soaking wet from the mist.

And boy, was it impressive. And boy, did I get soaked, thanks to my decision to save on buying a one-time-use $5 poncho. Fortunately, my camera survived.



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