It always takes me a little while to get used to the whole backpacking thing all over again. It doesn’t matter how much travelling I’ve done in the past.

Initially, I always feel a little homesick, a little turned off by noisy hostels (they were blasting music in the next door attached-bar until 11 pm), and a little anti-social (I need space to acclimatize to my surroundings). Once I’m well-rested and adjust to my surroundings, I start getting into a groove. For me, it’s important not to start off fast. Some people are ok with packing their first day with a ton of activities but I need to take it slow. I need to feel my way about my new surroundings. Sitting in a public space and just people watching and reading my guidebook and looking at the map of the city. Visit one or two sites a day, taking my time through them. Eating light. Finding out where the supermarket, banks, public transport stations are. Long-term travel is a marathon, not a sprint.

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