Lots of memories but too difficult to summarize so here are some highlights from my trip to Malaysia:

Spending CNY with family. It was quite awkward to meet up with family, yet familiar and fun at the same time.

Going to Port Dickson with Eugene’s family. It rained a lot that day! But we went to the beach, swam in the pool and ate a lot anyway. Four-hour breakfast buffet anyone?

Meeting up with some old schoolmates at mamak after futsal.

Meeting some new friends and even eating some yee sang with them. I didn’t like it as a kid but I’ve since changed my mind, it’s really good stuff and lots of fun to toss! “5” is my lucky (or not so lucky) number.

Going to a Zouk with some people but ended up sitting at a mamak stall outside, eating fishballs and quail eggs while enjoying the quiet street compared to the endless loudness of the club.

Spending quality time with family and friends, no matter what the activity or conversations.

Random photos:

(Grandmother decorated her plants with ang pows.)

(My aunts rolling little meatfloss-filled pastries for CNY.)

(The CNY goodies stash. Most families have these for all visiting guests.)

(Reunion dinner. Simple home-cooked food.)

(All malls are decorated like this. Year of the Rabbit.)

(Massive Malaysian feast.)

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