Got here in around 2 hours from K.L. I usually take the cheapest option into the city (usually buses) but it was getting late and it takes about an hour to get into town so I decided to go with a metered taxi. As I traveled from Suvarnabhumi International Airport to Banglamphu (Location of the infamous tourist ghetto, Khao San Rd) I noticed it looked a lot like Malaysia. We hit heavy traffic on the way and when I finally got there, I was hit hard by Soi Rambutri and Khao San Rd. There were SO many tourists. Think about it, it’s Bangkok, one of the most famous cities in the world. It attracts not only the Westerners but also the Asians. Of course, everything in this area caters toward tourists and it’s not representative of Real Thailand. But it’s the cheapest area to stay in (hence, the backpacker crowds) and it’ll do.

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  1. Good start. Hope you had a good flight. And savour the traffic. BTW, the car still smells of durian from the other day…LOL…

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