So a care package sent by my sister arrived today, after 2 weeks, which is not bad at all. This means I am now free to book my ticket for the next leg of my journey. I am most probably leaving on Feb 8th or 9th to Bangkok so expect the blog to resume to normal some time then.

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year. My family has spent the last few days cleaning their homes (the equivalent of American ‘spring cleaning’), as well as stocking up on supplies (drinks & snacks). Today, they are busy preparing tonight’s Reunion Dinner, as per Chinese tradition. It’s looking good so I’ll take some pictures and will post them up soon, as well as a few other randoms. After dinner tonight, per another Chinese tradition, we’re going to play some cards as well. High stakes stuff, 10 cent Blackjack.

A shoutout to my family/friends reading this, Happy Chinese New Year’s to you all. Stay warm!

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  1. talk about high stakes! thats too high for my blood lol, well good to here you can move on and you’re not going as crazy, have a good new years!

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