Kolkata, India
December 25th – 29th 2010

Spent Xmas here. Fell slightly sick on Xmas day itself. Not much to do except wait for my flight out to Chennai. Played some pick-up soccer in a field with trash everywhere. Went to visit the Mother Theresa House for the Dying and Destitute but it was closed to visitors.

Kolkata Pics


December 30th – January 1st 2010

Charming little beach-side village. Was a nice place to walk on the beach during sunrise and sunsets. The Shore Temple was overrated but I didn’t pay to see it since I could see it from the beach. Ate some seafood from a particular restaurant and had to throw up in the middle of the night. That didn’t stop me from going back to eat something else since it was next door to an internet café which I was stealing wifi from. Went to the beach late at night on New Year’s Eve to see fireworks. Rock statue carvings are huge here but sometimes I wonder how all the shops stay in business.

Mamalapuram Pics

January 2nd – 3rd 2010

I didn’t like this city. The seaside was crowded with a zillion Indians ranging from tourists to street vendors. It was also filthy. I thought there would be more charm since this was a former French colony but I was wrong.

Pondy Pics

January 4th – 8th 2010

Attended the ATP Chennai Open (pro tennis event). The Indian crowds are not very classy spectators, constantly walking around, whistling, and screaming during points. They even got a player so upset he looked like he wanted to throw the match for a moment but he’s a pro and he only semi-gave-up. Had some of the best chicken biryani in India at a place called ‘Tandoori Nights’ which is what I’ll call my nightclub if I open one. My appetite for Indian food has returned and I have no idea why, after often avoiding it the past 2-3 weeks.

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