Agra, Uttarpradesh

November 24th 2010

  • Saw the Taj Mahal. It was very beautiful. The most beautiful building in the world? I would agree. At the end, I couldn’t leave. I just stared and stared at it, wondering how such a beautiful structure could exist. It rained that day.
  • Walked by a restaurant that had a sign with Korean words on it. I needed to eat something other than Indian food so I experimented. Walked in, ordered some Korean food from an Indian + Korean menu (with Korean words, so that means the owner must be Korean). Got bulgogi, was different from the American versions but it was delicious. I found out the meat was indeed beef (beef in India?!) and the owner was indeed Korean.

(Goat in couture.)

Agra Pics

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  1. hi! need to send you thanksgiving pics when i get them from kristin. how are you doing??..oh, what is that animal up there? a goat?

  2. Hi KK,

    Dropping here just to say “Hi”. Been reading your travel entries about India and liking it. I’ve been to India once but didn’t had the chance to visit many places, especially Taj Mahal.

    Thanks for sharing.

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