Tomorrow morning, I’ll be flying out to Cape Town, South Africa. It’ll take 22 hours as I have to fly to Abu Dhabi first, then down to Johannesburg before reaching Cape Town. It takes the same amount of time flying from Texas to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia). At least no overly-long layovers, as the longest is about 2 hours.

I don’t know what to expect. In my head, I feel things will be more challenging from here on out. I started out in Western Europe, like being on a bike with training wheels, with an adult holding onto me. Then I went to Eastern Europe. The adult let me ride on my own but I was still on training wheels. Then I went to Turkey, and Egypt, and much later, Morocco. One wheel was removed and I had to learn how to balance myself although I could lean one way and still be all right.

Southern Africa (I’m thinking of starting in Cape Town and making my way up to the Serengeti in Tanzania and Victoria Falls in Zambia), then India+Nepal will feel like the training wheels are going to come off and I will have to balance myself. I will probably fall a few times but I’ll just have to lick my wounds, get back on the bike and keep on riding. But I’m sure it’ll all turn out ok, and that I will find it easier than I initially thought it would be.

Catch you all in ‘real’ Africa!

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  1. Please be careful with the food you eat and the water you drink. You have to be selective as Africa is not as “developed” as Europe. You know what I mean.

  2. South Africa is arguably my favorite country on my RTW- not quite “real” Africa as Cape Town is perfectly modern, but definitely has those elements!

    Just reading the comments tho PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get malaria pills if you haven’t gotten them yet and you’re planning to head into those zones (which it sounds like you are). You do NOT want to get malaria as if you do you have it for life, and the price of pills is a small one to pay compared to dealing with that for years.

  3. Hi Ken! Be careful. Looking forward to reading about your adventures in Africa. Maybe it will calm a lot of our fears about visiting African in the future. Again, be careful!!!!! Got your postcard today..THANKS! The Adriatic coast is so beautiful.

  4. Hey Ken,

    I was tempted to say be careful, but I think you deserve much more credit than that. I mean, you’ve backpacked to more countries than i’ve been to already…and I’d probably not want to travel alone…

    That said, do keep your stuff close to you at all times and try and stay away from areas that you don’t feel good about. Try and stay in more crowded areas…

    Have fun. And enjoy the animals too…if you’re doing that…

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