Ljubljana, Slovenia
August 26th 2010

Took the 10-hour overnight bus from Split to Ljubljana. Not a very big town. Mostly walked around, checking out the city. Went back to the hostel, took a nap, woke up, headed out for the evening. Some hostel-mates whom I met when I arrived told me that Paco De Lucia, a world-famous flamenco guitarist, was performing in Ljubljana for two nights. I checked out ticket prices, it was €44 per ticket so I did what any savvy backpacker (and not-so-rich local) would do; camp outside the open-air auditorium walls and listen to it. It was a ton of fun, just sitting outside, under the street lamps beside a road, with all these people, listening to some amazing guitar playing. I only listened for an hour but went back to the hostel to check out some PDL videos, to see how he plays the guitar. It’s very sick.

I have to mention, I ran into this Japanese dude (his name’s Sho) again, for like the fifth time. I mentioned in my earlier entries that I kept running into this fellow on several legs of my trip and when we saw each other again, we just laughed, chatted a bit, parted ways, this time for good, as he’s flying back to London soon.

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      1. Sorry for just going on about the stuff you’ve missed. I do try to warn you beforehand when I know where you’re headed, but a lot of the times I don’t know until after you post the place.

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