I can’t upload pictures on these crappy internet connections so here’s a short update.

Was in Cairo for a few, went to Luxor for a few, then Aswan/Abu Simbel, and am now back in Luxor. About to leave on the 6:30 pm overnight bus to Suez Canal where I’ll be catching a connecting bus to Dahab where I’m ready for some Red Sea diving.

I have an annoying cough now and bought some cheap cough syrup from one of the many pharmacies around here in Luxor. Pharmacies aren’t like the USA ones, they’re just a place full of medicines and toiletries and some (probably) unqualified person working the counter, randomly prescribing stuff. Hopefully cough will go away before Dahab because I don’t want to be coughing 30 m under the sea.

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  1. hello..make sure there’s dextromethorphan (for the cough) and/or guaifenesin (for the phlegm) in the cough syrup (: have fun diving (are you scuba diving?)! be careful

    1. I actually took a picture of the label to show you because I *KNEW* it wasn’t proper cough syrup haha. Will email to you later.

  2. I *LOVE* that about pharmacies outside the US. You go in, state your symptoms, and for most things you get the medicine you need.

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