It is 2:25 am, I am sitting in the hostel lounge in Istanbul. I am dead tired and the only reason I am here is because the lounge has A/C and the room upstairs doesn’t (and it’s bloody hot). There is one standing fan to be shared between 8 people but it doesn’t even revolve, distributing air to everyone in the room. There’s a guy who came in, turned the fan toward him, went to sleep. I intend to do the same later tonight, when everyone’s asleep. Turn the fan toward me, get my share of moving air. In the future, I am making sure I get rooms with A/C, especially if the country is hot during the summers.

On a side note, Starcraft 2 is coming out in a few days and once again, I’ll be falling way behind times when it comes to games. 🙁

edit 7/23 : HOLY SHIT! Today, they installed A/C in our room!!!!!!!!!!!! Tonight I shall sleep awesome.

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    1. Makes sense if you’re planning to do desert countries a whole separate time. But this is all on the way.

      Of course, would love to return and experience desert winters.

        1. Yeah, it’s possible but I had originally wanted to wing most of my trip but now I semi-plan just for airplane prices. Just take it as it comes sometimes.

          Where’s your RTW blog?

      1. Never got around to making one.

        I mostly just posted on Twitter, which worked out better since I could just send text messages wherever I was.

  1. Hey Ken, I’ll make sure I’ll play a little extra SCII time for you when it comes out on Tuesday, lol. Fry’s is having a 12:01 sale on it Tuesday morning.

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