Well, I’ve been thinking about my schedule (basically making it to Malaysia for Chinese New Year) and it appears if I want to spend more time in Africa and India/Nepal, I will have to sacrifice something. That something is probably Australia. I was going to go there for : Aussie Open, visit some family friends, beaches. I figured, this means I can always go to Australia some other time (and it’s a place most friends wouldn’t mind going with me as well so that could be a good future trip).

As I am a little pressed for time and haven’t been to Italy,Spain,Portugal,Morocco area, I will be forgoing a chunk of South-Eastern Europe (I really wanted to visit Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia…). Will be back another day for that region as well.

Plan A : Go to Istanbul tonight, spend about 1 to 1.5 weeks there and Cappadocia region (in the middle of Turkey). Fly from Istanbul to Cairo (Egypt) and spend about 2-4 weeks there. Then since Egypt is so isolated, I’ll fly back to Athens (Greece, can’t miss Greece on this trip) and fly budget to Rome, continue Europe, moving west.

Plan B : Go to Turkey, then train to Greece, then fly to Cairo, spend 2-4 weeks, then fly to Rome and continue Europe from there, moving west.

Argh, just trying to minimize costs and time on the road/plane. Damned efficiency-whore that I am…

p/s : Don’t miss my Lviv entry below!

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    1. Costco is awesome.

      Some days, I eat like crap. No choice, it’s whatever’s around when I’m pressed for time : The last good meal I had was in Brasov in a proper sit down restaurant with some ppl.

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