York, England
July 2nd, July 3rd 2010


It’s the former capital of England before London and reputedly one of the most haunted cities in England. I took a ghost tour and the creepiest part of the whole tour was the guide himself. He was bald, thin, and had an evil-looking face. He also did amazing impersonations of people getting hung as well as batshit insane people. And he would occasionally give a loud shriek to scare people during his narrations. He ended his ghost tour with the story of a child drowning in a barrel of syrup and everyone consuming the syrup for half a year before the body was found.

The only food I ate that is worth mentioning is the pulled pork sandwich I bought from the local outdoor market. I never realized how well chopped apples went with pulled pork. I’ve since had several pulled pork sandwiches from different locations. It’s just so delicious (read my Edinburgh entry for the best pulled pork sandwich I’ve had so far). It’s true, the English do have terrible food choices.

The city itself is quite small, surrounded by a city wall that used to protect it. Here, “bar” means “gate”, “gate” means “street”, and “pub” means “bar”. I visited a couple of attractions, including a tower on top of a hill near the Castle Museum, which had no roof because the guards who used to fire cannons from the structure, apparently fired a cannon which had its front sealed and the whole place exploded. They also used to keep gunpowder in that tower, so you can imagine what happened. It took everyone out as well as the roof.

I also visited York Minster, which was one of the largest gothic churches in Northern Europe. See how my friend Fikri’s size compared to the church.

Castle Museum itself was interesting because it included the history of vacuum cleaners, toilet bowls, and toilet paper. This was of interest to me because of several people I know who love vacuum cleaners, toilet bowls, and toilet paper. Do not ask me who but they know who they are.

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  1. LMAO about the last part. i’m sure that person would be delighted by your post…kinda like a special shout out. haha. hmm..pulled pork sandwiches with apples. i still have a pork loin in the freezer. maybe i should slow roast it and then make some sandwiches with the leftovers. yumm. i’m eating a “tau sar” biscuit right now (courtesy of malaysia). for 2 weeks i thought it had that sweet, sticky lotus paste in it..that’s my pleasant discovery for the day.

    1. Lucky you. I want some tau sar biscuits. Ham cheem peng.

      Yeah, apple and pork. It’s not just chopped apple, it’s like boiled apple sauce with apples. But pulled pork is awesome.

  2. so, boiled apple sauce with softened apple slices? yeah, i def. wanna try this haha. hope you’re well, ken! you’ve been to so many places already!

    1. Thanks Quynh. Yeah, pork with apple, weird sounding but it’s common for all pulled pork sandwiches I’ve eaten.

  3. I laughed when you mentioned that the exhibits on toilet paper, toilets and vacuum cleaners etc would interest someone here. Family secret!!!

  4. Ken, this is getting to be really funny…you need to seriously think about monetizing your writing…or blogging…like start a following on the mobile phone or something…

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