I decided about a week ago to skip Scandinavia (except Norway). I wasn’t that interested in it I suppose. Coupled with the great distances to travel (costly) and the area being costly itself already and nothing that really attracts me, I decided to only travel to Bergen (Norway) and then take the train to Oslo. That way, I can visit the fjords, get a taste of Scandinavia, then see the landscapes across Norway. After Oslo, I will be flying to Kiev in Ukraine. Eastern Europe appeals to me more and I’m itching to get back there.

I am sure I will visit Scandinavia one day, along with Russia, Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

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  1. The Bergen to Oslo train is one of the prettiest in Europe, especially if you take a ferry through the fjords in between. You’re really doing yourself a disservice by missing Denmark, one of my favorite countries, but without a Eurail pass it is indeed expensive.

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