Let’s talk about hostel roommates. You run into all kinds, the quiet mind-my-own-business ones (like myself), the friendly chatty small talk ones, the noisy ones who get home late at night drunk…let’s talk about the last one, since the other two are ok in my book.

Example : Last night, 2:47 am, the door is flung open and slammed someone’s bed. Two drunk English guys stumble in laughing and talking loud, turning on the lights. Their girl friend is trying to ssshh them so as not to wake the people in the room up (TOO LATE!). These guys don’t care, they’re drunk. The continue making a ton of noise, one guy then decides to pour water over his friend who just got in bed. The guy gets mad because his bed is wet. He changes, storms out of the room. This other guy then pursues him, with the English girl behind them trying to get them into bed. After much noise, several warnings from the hostel front desk, continual banging of door on bed, a couple “sorry everyone”s, more noise…the three English get into bed an hour later. At this point, I thought, I could finally try to sleep.

Not quite. Turns out, one of them is a heavy breather, the other’s a loud snorer. My God, will this never end? In go the ear plugs but they do little to drown out the sound of the snores. On top of that, the guy in the bunk above me, decides he wanted to compete to see who could snore louder and in a more annoying rhythm.

Another sleepless night for me, another common night of staying in hostels. 6 am rolled around, I decided to get out of bed and head down for breakfast. I couldn’t TRY to sleep anymore.

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