Prague, Czech Republic
June 5th and 6th 2010

This is my third time trying to type up a Prague entry. To be honest, I just can’t find the inspiration to write up a good entry. I tried to type up paragraphs of things I did, people I met, beer I drank, funny shit that happened but it felt very uninspired and boring. Just mundane details about my days there.

All I can say is that I had good fun with some good people. Having beers with Stefan, Sara, Jake, Leo, Kristian, the two French-Canadians, the quiet Korean (who turned in a party animal after an absinthe at a five-story club, so I was told)…then the next night, eating Kristian’s home-made garlic soup with a bunch of hostel mates…running into Sam (the Indian roommate with love sickness) in the middle of nowhere in Prague…him almost kicking H&M store door down because he was drunk…It was all a random blur of good fun moments.

Prague city itself? I wasn’t charmed, I wasn’t blown away, I wasn’t awed. Maybe it was because my tour guide was hungover, maybe I was tired from my travels, tired from the big cities with tons of tourists, the hot weather. I found comfort in the people that I met though, it felt like a small family. People do make the place.


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  1. I have similar impressions about Prague; my tour guide was so overly dramatic that it was hard to extract the facts from his elaborate stories. now I’m skipping museum night and enjoying some quiet in my empty dorm.

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