Remember when I said I couldn’t update my blog for a while? Sometimes it wasn’t just the internet.

I had arrived in Cork and was unpacking when I realized my netbook wasn’t with me. Oh shit, I must’ve left it in Galway!

I didn’t panic immediately, I realized I made some friends in Galway and one or two ppl mentioned going to Dublin. I shot out a mass email asking if anyone was going to Dublin within the next day or two…Sebastian answered my call and said his friend Justin was going that day. *phew* so he brought my netbook to a Dublin hostel where I collected it later that day.

And when I reached Dublin, I realized that I had left my little bag of dirty clothes in Cork! Shit…that contained two of my shirts, and one pair of my travel pants. I was pretty disappointed in myself and sad.

Oh well, stuck with the few clothes I do have. I did a wash in the sink in Paris a few days ago, hung them all up. Bought an extra cheap plain t-shirt too. Going to look out for more items in the coming weeks.

5 Replies to “Losing things along the way…”

  1. man youve only been gone less than a month lol, and u still havent even gotten to the third world yet, this sounds like something peter would do lol

  2. Lmk if you need another pair of backpacking pants (I know, they sell pants in the rest of the world!)..I can order it and mail it to you or something. Oh need to send you my address. I just looked at my yahoo mail today.

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